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Potential Members: Application time! [Thu, Mar 29, 07 / 3:26pm]

It's like college all over again! Fill out the bolded questions at the bottom (reply in the comments), and click to join. We'll get back to you within a week or so. Comments are screened. Remember, we can't approve you unless you request membership!

What We’re Looking For:
People who are smart, funny, morally questionable and reasonably insightful. No one is asking you to be the next James Joyce, but a way with words – and, in particular, a familiarity with spell-check – will go a long way in gaining you favor here, as will a good sense of humor. The discussion here isn’t in the realm of graduate literature classes, but we do enjoy nitpicking and mocking people (all in good fun, of course). If you have a problem with that, or enjoy starting drama, please consider getting your kicks elsewhere.

Here are a few surefire ways to get yourself rejected:
  • Not submitting an application and joining anyway
  • Being in any way elitist, uninformed, or generally annoying
  • Not knowing what happens in an episode, asking who a main character is, spelling a character’s name wrong, etc. Knowing this show well earns you bonus points!
  • Pissing one or more of us off in another online realm; this could be anywhere, but if we don’t like you and suspect you’re going to cause a lot of grief, we’re going to reject you subjectively. I’m sure your mother loves you, but we don’t.

    This community’s goal is to stay small and, above all, for everyone to get along. Personally, I’d like to think everyone here is (at least indirectly) friends with everyone else. Also, please keep in mind that you do not need to be active in the fandom to join, just familiar with the show.

    To aid us in the selection process, please fill out the following questionnaire as honestly as possible. Again, you’d be surprised by how picky we aren’t. The members of the community will read over your application and come to a decision within a week of the time you apply. After you’ve submitted your application, please click to join the community; you’ll be notified via email of your status once we’ve decided. If we reject you, please take heart: you can always send an email my way (ivinnuna @ and plead your case, or submit another one in a month or so. Also, who knows! Maybe we’ll be so desperate for you in the future we’ll send you an invitation (an invite exempts you from the application process).

    We’re looking for all kinds of fans, so if you feel you’ve been rejected based on your opinions: you haven’t been. Something else in your application must have turned us off.

    Favorite character, if you have one:
    Dynamic of the show you like most:
    Are you active in the fandom at all? If so, how?
    Would you consider yourself a knowledgeable fan?
    Additional comments:

    Thanks for your time, and welcome!
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